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Training development and delivery

  • Needs assessments
  • Performance objectives
  • Training development
  • Training implementation
  • Training assessment and evaluation

Courseware Connection investigates your performance needs, observes the needed skills, identifies key information, and designs and develops training programs. We then prepare the objectives and the training against the performance needs of the job, available time for training, and expected outcomes for the training. Our training expertise comes from many years of creating and evaluating training to six sigma standards. Our expertise allows us to work quickly to meet your needs through traditional training formats like instructor-led training and in more innovative formats such as CD delivery or web based training.

Our training meets the highest standards for effectiveness. We evaluate expected performance against training objectives using Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 evaluations.

A sample of the design and delivery steps to be used by Courseware Connection for the design and development of training:

Phase A – Current Content: The client’s current classes will be reviewed (A-1). This review will help define the objectives and content needed for the courses (A-2a) and the format required for the deliverables, the manuals, or instruction (A-2b). The objectives and the sample formats will be delivered to the client for review and acceptance (A-3).

Phase B – Development: Once the objectives and format are determined, a Project Plan will be created that will be approved by the client Contract Agent (B-1). A draft and delivery simulation will be developed (B-2) according to the Project Plan and submitted to the client for a Subject Matter Expert’s (SME’s) review. This step will constitute a corrections cycle (B-3). If corrections are needed during the review process, it will be done at this time before development moves forward (B-3). Once the corrections cycle is complete, the final manuals or delivery system will be developed (B-4) and delivered to the client for review and acceptance (B-5).

Phase C – Seminar Delivery: Once the training is developed, an instructor or developer will deliver the first session (C-1). Level One evaluations of the course will be distributed and gathered by CCI (C-2). A report of the summary of the evaluations will be provided to the client, and modifications to the content or delivery of the training, if needed, will be based on the evaluation feedback (C-3). Because the participants and the environment can change through the life of the contract, the cycle of evaluation and modification will continue to maintain the highest standards for the client’s class or seminar.

Development Flow Diagram

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