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Process maps
Once an organization can map each step of production, it can then control and improve the production. Creating or using existing process maps, a company can find the inefficiencies within the system. Fixing the greater inefficiencies can substantially reduce waste and increase profit margins. The professionals at Courseware Connection have many years experience in service-oriented and manufacturing environments in mapping processes as well as mapping the communication flow within a business.

Procedural documentation
If you do not tell your employees what they need to do, you cannot hold them responsible for the work. Critical to the success of any organization is a clear description of the work, and how it must be accomplished. Step-by-step instructions not only help the employee do the job, but the procedural steps help the employer evaluate how the employee is doing. Procedures can also include expected outcomes, safety considerations, and performance guidelines.

Employee Handbooks –
These days the employee handbook is viewed as a contract between the employee and the employer. Great care must be taken to write and deploy employee handbooks, policies, and procedures, so neither employee nor employer is at risk. Writing these manuals require precise wording and accurate up-to-date information. Implementing the employee handbook requires great care that is managed within the parameters of the law and the latest court rulings. We at Courseware Connection can write, review, or even revamp your current employee handbook providing the greatest protection for you and your employees.

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