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Courseware Connection, Inc. partners with clients to identify, develop, and retain top performers. We offer performance management tools for hiring, improving job performance, retaining key employees, planning for job succession, and improving the client’s bottom line.

“The foundation of our national wealth is really people – the human capital represented by their knowledge, skills, organization, and motivations. The primary assets of modern organizations leave the workplace each night to go home to dinner.”

The Hudson Institute in the Workforce 2000 Report

Companies rely on matching the right people with the right jobs to reach their goals. We all have seen employees mismatched with their jobs. Weak customer service skills or inadequate technical skills frustrate both employee and customer, and jeopardize both company reputation and performance. The customer, the employer, and the employee all win when mismatches are avoided and job and skills come together seamlessly.

To be successful and profitable, a company must find and hire ...

Knowing what competencies you need to grow your business ...

Once an organization can map each step of production, it can...

Courseware Connection investigates your performance ...

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